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All flooring installations require foam underlay. Run the foam underlay in the same direction as the laminate panels. Underlay should be butted side by side with no overlap.


Laminate flooring is a really good alternative to natural wood flooring which can be very expensive and easily damaged. If you require a reduced dust environment, then laminate flooring is for you. You can also enhance or soften your floor with strategically placed rugs.


LAWSON laminate flooring is guaranteed for 20-50 years, wear through or stain. This guarantee applies only to the original purchaser and proof of purchase is required for all claims. The guarantee is for replacement or refund of the laminate material only, no labor.


There are several wooden floors and substitutes available on the market today. Mainly there are three different kinds of so-called distinct wooden floors. This distinction has to do directly with the percentage of natural wood in its composition.